Student-focused, East Georgia State College (EGSC), an access institution of the University System of Georgia (USG), is an affordable gateway to quality higher education, enabling all students to achieve their academic goals with minimum delay and expense.

Students can pursue associate degrees, targeted bachelor’s degrees and transfer paths to other institutions. EGSC是其中之一 第一个 and few USG institutions approved to award associate degrees with disciplinary distinction.

EGSC的 specialized attentiveness effectively supports a wide range of academic abilities and preparation 水平s. 的 College's fostering environment, which includes a residential option for students who wish to live on the main campus in Swainsboro, encourages cultural and ethnic diversity.

EGSC also contributes to the region’s 经济活力 通过生产 educated work force and continuously engaging the communities it serves through service, educational outreach, cultural enrichment, and economic development opportunities. 

EGSC is a SMART 选择! 


Top 10 Reasons to Attend East Georgia State College

    • One of the lowest tuition and fee rates in the USG: 再加上 学生就业merit and need-based scholarships, EGSC students generally have a lower college expense which means less student debt.
    • A degree from EGSC provides a quicker path to your college major:  Students major in a disciplinary field (i.e., Business Administration and Economics) rather than “General Studies.” This is a tremendous benefit to students who wish to advance to a baccalaureate degree program because the required 18 hours in Area F are comprehensive enough to be considered a major field of study at the associate 水平.
    • Three convenient locations: EGSC-Swainsboro (main campus) and EGSC-Statesboro are near I-16 East. EGSC-Augusta 在I-20东附近吗.
    • A comfortable transition to college: Safe, nurturing environment with small classes, abundant academic resources, diverse student life activities, and a residential option, Bobcat Villas South and West on the Swainsboro campus.
    • Face-to-face and online 学位课程: Students have access to a variety of 学位课程 and are able to reach their college 完成 goals through multiple classroom settings.
    • Approachable, highly qualified faculty: Focus is on teaching and fostering student academic growth to ensure successful college 完成.
    • Learning goes beyond the classroom:Situated among a 385.61 acre pine forest, the Swainsboro campus is an outdoor oasis and home to several protected species, two outdoor ponds, tennis and basketball courts, an 18-hole disc golf course, nature trail, and a 3.1 cross country track.
    • Intercollegiate sports: A member of the Georgia Collegiate Athletic Association, 山猫田径 includes men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, and softball.
    • Diversity and inclusion: An aspiring student body comprised of commuters and campus residents (Bobcat Villas West and South on the Swainsboro campus) and a premier College Inclusion Program, 选择.
    • A catalyst for regional growth: EGSC had an economic impact of more than $80 million as last reported by the Selig Center at the University of Georgia.