Electronic 学生形式

EGSC has options to make submitting financial aid forms easy and hassle-free. 你 can submit forms online and do away with downloading, printing, faxing, scanning and emailing or paying postage. This is the quickest way to get forms to us.  登录你的 myEGSC account and click on “Student forms/Financial Aid Forms” on the left-hand margin. This will take you to all the online financial aid forms. Please note, you need a student ID and credentials to sign into myEGSC.

Financial Aid Processing Forms

Accepted students will access online forms in their myEGSC account. Below is a list of the forms available by accessing Financial Aid Forms in myEGSC.


    • Bachelors/Masters Degree Verification
    • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    • Loan Offer Request Form
    • Revision Request Form
    • Student Asset Verification Form
    • Student Missing Signature Form (FAFSA)
    • Student Proof of Income
    • Student Spouse Proof of Income
    • Summer Aid and Loan Request
    • 瞬态 Request for HOPE/Title IV

Parent/Guardian Forms

    • Parent Asset Verification Form
    • Parent Missing Signature Form (FAFSA)
    • Parent PLUS Loan Application
    • Parent Proof of Income

校园的逻辑 Forms

EGSC uses 校园的逻辑 to assist students that are selected for the federally mandated verification process. Verification is a quality control measure to ensure students receive all the financial assistance for which they are entitled. If you are selected for the verification process, follow this link to 校园的逻辑  to create an account and complete the verification forms and requirements.

Special Circumstances Forms

    • Professional Judgement – Special Circumstances SAI Appeal (Income Adjustment)
    • Professional Judgement – Special Circumstances COA Appeal
    • Professional Judgement – Unusual Circumstances Appeal (Dependency Override)
    • Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal

程序 for Processing Financial Aid SAP & SAP Appeals through CampusLogic (PDF)


Document Upload


In addition to the link below, you may also use this QR Code to safely upload your documents for processing.



Submit Docs to Financial Aid - Dynamic Forms Upload